Job Title:

Customer Service Rep




2-3 Years of Experience


Spanish Town



Resume Available



I am a highly motivated individual, of unquestionable character, integrity and good work ethic. I posses exceptional interpersonal skills, a creative mind, have a drive that is matched with high energy and I have a uncanny ability to function effectively under demanding circumstances that will make me an asset to the organization. My versatility and adaptability allows me to be easily trained and integrated into any work environment. My academic qualifications extend to that of six C.X.C passes, including English Language and Accounts. I am have completed studies in the form of professional certificates in the areas Supervisory Management which included an in-depth exploration of human resource management; handling workplace relationships etc and Marketing and Sales; earning distinction in both courses simultaneously from the University of the West Indies Open Campus/Online where I am also enrolled in the Business Management Bsc programme. I come to you with over six years worth of experience in the fields of customer service, sales and business administration working for over four years as an administrative assistant in a small construction company. During that tenure I was the sole administrative employee; managing and completing the majority if not all of the administrative functions, reporting directly to the company’s owner/director. I was solely responsible for the day to day operations of my company’s office and relations with my clients and suppliers via telephone, emails and other means of electronic communication. I was also tasked with the basic accounting of the company’s and client’s expenses. During my tenure as an administrative assistant I not only worked with the construction company to which I was employed but also performed minor accounting functions from preparing and maintaining each expense accounts for various projects to handling all petty cash transactions and stationery supplies for both the pharmacy my employer operated within the same location. As an administrative assistant I not only worked closely with the clients and my employer but also managed various minor duties within the pharmacy, from customer servicing, training new cashiers, supervisory duties for the line employees, purchasing of stock to planning the yearly customer appreciation day festivities as well as all forms of employee engagement including but not limited to the birthday club celebrations, handling death and bereavement. I am computer literate, and posses the knowledge to efficiently use programmes within the Microsoft Office suite; such as Word, Excel, and various other computer programmes, experience using the Quickbooks Accounting Software and posses competency to properly create and manage a filing system. My current position has me exposed to servicing customers internationally and has provided on the job training in customer service and quality customer service via electronic and voice. I was also recently awarded a quality service employee of the quarter for my program. I truly hope to be able to contribute to the success of your organization.