Job Title:

Business Management




11 – 20 Years Experience





Resume Available



I would like to introduce my professional background to you. Attached is a copy of my resume for your perusal. Enthusiastic, dedicated, caring, and hardworking and also a great team player are a few of the words used to describe me. The love and people person energy that I emit has served for my 7 years Customer Service experience while working at Digicel, Jamaica. I am a “take charge” type of administrator, who possesses strong leadership and initiative in addressing difficult problems. I am extremely resourceful and have very strong verbal, written, and communication skills. My fierce loyalty, broad experience, and strong desire to learn would make me a valuable asset to your company. My experience has been extensive ranging from Business Administration to Management. I was an Administrator at a petrol company as well as a Floor Manager for Facey Commodity. Facey Commodity is a leading value-added distribution group with operations in the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and the Pacific. Today, Facey is one of the largest private companies domiciled in the Caribbean. I intend to be only the best in all I do by providing expertise in my area of study in Production and Operations Management. I have experience within Operations and Marketing Management for a restaurant for three years and had also gained secondary experience working in call centers from my Operation Managers. Marketing Management which was my minor area of study, I had also practiced for over 5 years as I am entrepreneur. Marketing I have been told by my colleague, has always been an innate part of my being. I bring only the best. I intend to serve with all that I have been taught, garnished with my broad area of experience. My aim is to be a productive assets in your organization, in any assigned post. “Only the best is good enough’ is a motto of mine. My philosophy however, resounds around the concept of Maslow Hierarchy of needs. I believe in self-actualizing to all of my God given abilities. I await the challenge of joining your team to maximize the company’s potential growth, innovation and high profit achievements.