Job Title:

Sales Representative


H.E.A.R.T Certification


11 – 20 Years Experience


St Ann's Bay



Resume Available



My working history begun in the year 1996, after successfully completing a Food & Beverage and Housekeeping course at The HEART Academy. My first employment was in the capacity of waiter at The Enchanted Gardens Hotel. I worked at several of the restaurants, namely The Leau Mirage (fine dining French cuisine), The Amorè (casual Italian cuisine) and The Sultan's ( Casual Oriental cuisine). While working there I learnt of work overseas via the ministry of labour . I applied and acquired a waiter's position at the South Seas Resort in Florida. There I was given said job position at the Chadwick's restaurant. For two (2) years I served some of the best seafood delicacies you could find in the south west Florida area. After (South Seas resort) contract was completed I came back to Jamaica and did odd jobs for a hardware and also a butane propane plant. Then In 2004 I ventured into my own small business, selling craft in the Pineapple craft market in Ocho Rios. Due to the craft market dramatical decline in sales the last couple of years there, I decided to step away from it. In the process of stepping away I learnt of an opportunity via a friend about a jewelry company called Colombian Emeralds that was hiring. I interviewed successfully and worked for a few months and then decided to transfer to their owner company Dufry Shops because it was a far easier commute. I did five(5) wonderful years with this company In the capacity of a sales associate. I sold high end Fragrances, Jewelry, Watches, Liquors, Coffee, Confectioneries and other miscellaneous items to cruise ship members and passengers. We also did monthly mandatory training on the products we sold thus making our knowledge of what we sold second nature. After resigning Dufry shops I got information about Privilege club via a mentor / friend who told me that this company would be an elevating career choice based on my previous job. So I interviewed and was selected . I currently hold the position of an Exit Closer. This job sees me meeting people from all walks of life from around the world, introducing my product of luxury future vacations and selling them.