Available Positions


Approximate Salary

$14.58 (CAD)









Education Level


Experience Level

2-3 Years of Experience

Skills Required

Animal care

Job Posted Date


Job expiry Date


Years of Exp: 2-3 Years

Salary: 14.58

Shifts: TBD

Hour: 40 hour per week

Duties and responsibilities:

·         Be able to follow a routine.

·         Feed Horses

·         Get the horses ready for turnout. This may require leg wraps to be removed. Boots to be put on the front and back legs. In the summer the horses wear fly-sheets and masks. In the winter horses wear blankets.

·         Have experience with leading all different temperaments of horses.

·         Be able to drive so they can use a gator, like a golf cart. In the summer fill the water troughs in the fields. In the winter check heated water troughs and feed hay in field.

·         Have the knowledge to understand when horses need to come in because they want to come inside.

·         Be able to learn how to use different pieces of equipment eg., electric sweeper.

·         Muck stalls (remove pee and poo from stalls).

·         Fill haynets.

·         Clean daily poo out of all weather paddocks.

·         Move hay bales from the hay storage area to hay room.

·         Fill feed buckets twice a day and understand different horses have different feed. Keep feed room neat, tidy and clean.

·         Sweep the barn and stalls for cobwebs etc.

·         Bring horses in from the field and remember the order of their blankets.

·         If horses need oral medication – be responsible to remember to give it.

·         Keeping client areas clean and tidy.

·         In the summer - help with hay making and be strong enough to lift 50 to 60 lb bales.

·         Look after outdoor horses – feed, hay and water

·         When blacksmith or vet comes, assist with the horses.

·         Be able to groom and tack a horse. Put boots or polo’s on legs for training.

·         In the summer there is grass cutting and weed whacking around fences.

·         Checking fences for broken boards and mending them.