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Approximate Salary

$TDB + Commision (JMD)









Education Level


Experience Level

3-4 Years Experience

Skills Required

Excellent interpersonal skills (People person) , Good oral & written communication skills , Strong presentation skills , Computer Literacy , Time management , Sales and Retail , Attention to detail , Customer Focus , Management , Adhering to a Schedule , Energetic

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Business Development Manager(s) needed to identify new business opportunities - including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, products and services.
(Kingston & North Coast Office)

•    seek out the appropriate contact in an organization
•    generate leads and cold call prospective customers
•    meet with customers/clients face to face or over the phone
•    understand the needs of your customers and be able to respond effectively with a plan of how to meet these
•    think strategically - seeing the bigger picture and setting aims and objectives in order to develop and improve the business
•    work strategically - carrying out necessary planning in order to implement operational changes
•    draw up client contracts - depending on the size of company, this task may be completed by someone else or agreements may not be as formal
•    have a good understanding of the businesses' products or services and be able to advise others about them
•    ensure staff are on board throughout the organization, and understand the need for change and what is required of them
•    train members of your team, arranging external training where appropriate
•    discuss promotional strategy and activities with the marketing department
•    liaise with the finance team, warehousing and logistics departments as appropriate
•    seek ways of improving the way the business operates
•    attend seminars, conferences and events where appropriate
•    keep abreast of trends and changes in the business world.