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Company Detail

Job Description

Job Title: Firefighter

Available Positions: 10

Approximate Salary: £tba (GBP)

Address: South Atlantic

City: South Atlantic

State/Province: South Atlantic Islands

Country: United Kingdom

Education Level: High School Diploma

Experience Level: 1-2 Years of Experience

Skills Required: Ability to use necessary tools and machines

Job Posted Date: 2021-05-10

Job expiry Date: 2021-06-09

Full Time

Job Details

Position: Firefighter
Department: Security
Reports To: Fire Chief
Location:  UK

Summary/General Description Of Job:
The Firefighter controls and extinguishes fires or responds to emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk. Duties may include fire prevention, emergency medical service, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster assistance.

Essential Duties & Job Functions:
- Serve as a structural and airport firefighter, and HAZMAT responder on a scheduled rotation.
- Participate in Fire and Emergency Services activities including: fire suppression, EMS, rescue, public assistance, fire investigation, fire prevention, pre-fire planning, Fire Company training, public education, clinical training and routine maintenance of apparatus, equipment and facilities.
- Must be knowledgeable in Auto extrication operations and victim/patient care until transfer to professional medical personnel/facility is accomplished.
- Experience in confined space rescue and high/low angle rescue operations.
- Supports Emergency Management functions as needed
- Under general supervision, drive and operate Pumper trucks, fire engines, and other related equipment.
- Drive and operate equipment to include: maneuvering, connecting hose lines, operating pump panels, determining, calculating and monitoring pressure; replacing nozzles/tips, performing hook ups, pumping foam, etc.
- Perform fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency rescue, and emergency medical services; and perform clean-up of the fire scene.
- Check equipment on the apparatus. Make routine repairs to and maintain apparatus and emergency equipment.  Assist mechanics in the repair of apparatus and equipment as and when needed.
- Drive a fire truck and operate the tiller of the vehicle and/or work with the driver and tiller operator to maneuver apparatus into the most effective position.
- Set up aerial ladders for rescue, ventilation, entry or water operations.
- Operate a water tower and relay information to pump operator.
- Set up rescue equipment.
- Work with crews to practice rescue operations.  Operate and train to operate other apparatus used by the department.  Assist in the training and orientation of others.
- Provide routine cleaning of vehicles and equipment.
- Test or troubleshoot problems with facility, equipment, apparatus and fire protection systems.
- Assist in performing fire inspections for pre-fire planning or compliance; and assist in the investigation of fire incidents.
- Participate in department training programs to learn or upgrade skills in firefighting methods, equipment or services.
- Prepare and maintain reports and records of activities, incidents, inspections or other information.
- Perform other duties as required

Accountable For:
- Timely and cost effective performance of duties.
- Harmoniously working with other employees and customers.
- Working with the Project Principals to fully coordinate all activities.
- Effectively coordinate a number of projects simultaneously.
- Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure.
- Effective written and oral communication skills.
- Demonstrating initiative and problem-solving skills.
- Contributing to the successful completion of project initiatives.

Job Requirements (Education, Experience, Professional Associations):

- A High School Diploma or equivalent
- A minimum of 1 year of experience as a Firefighter is required.
- A minimum of Firefighter I & II and Hazmat Operations and Awareness certifications (DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard only) are required.
- Airport (ARFF) certification is preferred.
- A Valid Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification, including CPR is required. Emergency Medical Responder Certification preferred.  Can be achieved on the job through online course.
- US Citizenship is not required.
- Demonstrated prior experience in operation of fire engines, ladder trucks, truck tillers, and other fire emergency and rescue apparatus is required.
- Prior experience in maneuvering apparatus at emergency scenes, performing hydraulic calculations, operation of fire pumps, performing minor repairs and preventative maintenance of equipment is required.
- Knowledge of the operation of water supply lines, hoses, and nozzles; basic fire ground hydraulics, hook-up procedures at hydrants, principles and practices of pumping operations and equipment is required.
- Excellent oral and communication skills in English are required.
- Good computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel) are required.
- Must be able to pass a background screening and provide an acceptable vetting (police) certificate.
- Must be able to pass physical fitness exam in accordance with your position.
- Must be able to interface with all levels of personnel in a diverse, multi-cultural, team-oriented environment.

The successful candidate’s salary will depend upon qualifications and previous experience.  Free Accommodation, Food (3 meals per day) and Round trip passage to home of record after completion of a 1-year contract.

Must have a valid Passport/Visa minimum of 18 months. Should not have any major offences with any law enforcement agency.