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Company Detail

Job Description

Job Title: Administrator

Available Positions: 2

Approximate Salary: $100000 (JMD)

Address: St. Ann's Bay

City: St. Ann's Bay

Parish: St. Ann

Country: Jamaica

Education Level: High School Diploma

Experience Level: 3-4 Years Experience

Skills Required: Management

Job Posted Date: 2021-05-16

Job expiry Date: 2021-06-15

Full Time

Job Details

Responsibility of the Branch Administrator (BA)

The BA/Designate shall:  
1)  ensure that the operating hours for the branch is strictly enforced
2)  prepare the shift roster each week; a copy of which must be submitted to the Operations Supervisor each week
3)  monitor the attendance register, and ensure that the CSR(s) adhere to the shift time as assigned.  Where there is a violation of the shift as assigned, the BA must report the infraction in writing to the Operations Manager for the appropriate actions to be taken
4)  must address attendance violations (absence & lateness)  by issuing  verbal warnings to the offending CSR. Such warnings however, must be recorded. Should the verbal warnings fail to achieve its objective, the matter is then to be escalated to the Human Resource Manager/Designate for further action to be taken. Lateness exceeding 10 minutes in any given month, must be brought to the attention of Operations Manager/Designate
5)  ensure that adequate supplies of rolls, slips, booklets etc. are at the assigned location at all time
6)  ensure that cash at the location is balanced with all points of sale system reports, and prepare cash for pickup by authorized personnel/collection agent (Guardsman)
7)  Be responsible for paying out tickets, where the amount exceeds the CSR’s till, within the approved amount of $75K or otherwise authorized in writing (email) by FC/Designate
8)  ensure that all issues with equipment, internet, or products are reported to the Operations Department
9)  be aware of the activities of the shop at all time, and must communicate with the assigned leads and staff on a regular basis. The BA must take steps to investigate, document, and report issues of stealing, gambling, credit betting, shortages, and any other issue that may arise

Credit Betting &/Misappropriation of Funds
Credit betting constitute the deliberate act of writing a bet, with the  intention of collecting the stake at a later time/date.  This type of bet writing is prohibited, violation will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal being taken.

Gambling by Staff
Responsibility of the Branch Administrator (BA)
1)  The BA is prohibited from gambling at any of the company locations, while employed to Post to Post Betting Ltd, and must ensure that this rule is clearly and effectively communicated to all CSR staff placed under his or her leadership
2)  Where the BA has reasonable suspicion of gambling, the following steps must be taken
a. instruct the CSR to close the shift and exit the line
b. check the cash presented to verify that the total corresponds with shift report (this should not be done in customer(s) presence)
c. log the amount of cash submitted and make note of shortages (if any)
d. request a written report from CSR for shortages (if any)
e. report shortages to the Operations Manager/Designate via email and a phone call to confirm receipt of mail.
f. Await instructions from Operations Manager/Designate
3)  Reports must be submitted by both the BA and CSR
4)  The BA must be prepared to attend a hearing when called

Failure to adhere to the rules as stipulated above, as it relates to staff gambling, will result in action being taken, that can lead to suspension or dismissal, in accordance with applicable labour laws.

Balancing at the end of every shift daily is a critical aspect of the BA’s cash management responsibility.  Until the money is collected, the BA has custodial responsibility for the cash , which means that in addition to ensuring that the money is balanced with the cash till report, the money must be secured in the vault that is provided by the company.  The BA must prepare  the cash for collection by the authorized personnel or collection agent (Guardsman).

Responsibility of the Branch Administrator (BA)
1)  The BA must ensure that the rules and responsibilities governing proper cash management is adhered to by all CSR working at his or her location, and that they are clearly and effectively communicated and enforced.
2)  Only the BA and Lead are authorized access to the vault, vault code/ key and float.  Whenever the float changes hands between BA and Lead, the amount must be checked, logged and verified by signature.
3)  The BA must ensure that all shifts are checked off daily, and must receive balanced cash; the BA will be held accountable.  
4)  The BA must report all shortages to the Operations and Finance Departments immediately upon discovery.   
5)  The BA must ensure that personal cash and the company’s money remain separate at all times.  
6)  The BA is not allowed to use the company’s cash for personal use, to borrow or lend company cash, or to remove cash from the location for any reason.
7)  Where suspicion of stealing arises, action must be taken to gather all credible evidence.    

Customer Service Representatives are not allowed to accept tips from customers nor permitted to solicit gratuities from customers’ winnings.